About QueueClass.com

QueueClass.com is a platform that helps facilitate a smoother office hours experience for students and teaching assistants. QueueClass.com is a centralized office hours platform that streamlines the dissimilar approach to office hours between courses.

About the Problem QueueClass.com Solves

University courses take unique approaches to office hours. Some courses might develop their own websites, require students to fill out a Google form, ask students to enter their name on a spreadsheet, or worse of all, have no organization at all. The different approach that each class takes to conduct its office hours introduces unnecessary complexity to the lives of stressed students and teaching assistants. Organizing the procedure of office hours among all courses saves valuable time for students and teaching assistants.


About Our Team

QueueClass.com was founded and developed by Jason Jabbour. Jason is a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia studying systems engineer. After serving as a teaching assistant for multiple courses over the span of three years, he learned about the components that create a positive office hours environment. He served as a teaching assistant for classes as large as 700+ students and as small as 30 students. Jason developed QueueClass.com by merging the positive attributes of each.

If you are a driven and hard-working student looking to gain hands-on experience in web development, please contact me at [email protected]. I am planning to expand this project with awesome new features!

If you are a recruiter, friend, or an interested user please feel free to experiment with the site by creating an account under the “Independent” university option. Enjoy!

Source code can be found on github

Jason Jabbour